The Beautifully British Collection


British FlagAt Mama Jeanius we are inspired to do great things in the best possible way we can.   For our latest collection we wanted to bring production back to Britain.  This is something we have had in the pipeline for a while and choosing the right partner to work with & getting our collection just perfect takes time.  In the fashion world we are working seasons in advance and making choices on what fabric to use in 12 months’ time.

Fortunately for Mama Jeanius and all our lovely customers we have found a very special production partner who hand finishes our Mama Jeanius’ in Britain.  The production house is SEDEX approved and this stands for the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.  SEDEX is a not for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Simply put it means our production house have to comply with excellent labour standards, rigorous health & safety policies, have to work with the environment in mind and use best in class business ethics as part of their operation.12-7-11-mama jeanius

Mama Jeanius only uses top quality European denim, with co-ordinating trims, subtly branded rivets & buttons along with funky pocket lining.  The Mama Jeanius team handpicks all the fabrics & finishes making sure everything is just perfect.

With ethical production, top quality denim & handpicked finishes, the results are a superb, fabulously designed, ultra-comfortable British collection.

Be Beautifully British in our ‘Beautifully British Collection’