Short leg maternity jeans

Short leg maternity jeans

Short leg maternity jeans

At Mama Jeanius we understand that our customers want short leg maternity jeans. Not everyone is the same leg length and even though there is some amount of leeway depending on whether for example you are wearing flip flops or high heels the underlying factor is that if you have “shorter legs” then you are going to need shorter leg jeans or any trouser you wish to wear.

For our British collection we have introduced short leg at 29 inches (2 inches shorter than our standard leg of 31 inches) across the range. Our belief is that you should not be compromised in choice due to the fact you need a shorter leg.

When should I need to wear shorter leg maternity jeans?

Apart from the obvious fact you have a leg inseam around 29 inches there are other occasions when you may wish to wear a shorter leg. Remember it is all a matter of taste but as a general rule if you are wearing skinny jeans with flip flops, ballet shoes, heels people tend to wear slightly shorter jeans to avoid the scrunch at the bottom. This allows the cropped maternity jeansjeans to sit skinny all the way down the leg with a nice clean hem.

In the summer you may want to wear slightly cropped jeans so even a regular length leg may want to buy a short pair of skinny maternity jeans.

Generally with boot and straight leg you would buy the length that fits your inseam.

Unsure what your leg inseam measurement is?

Learning how to measure your trouser inseam will make your jeans more comfortable and take the uncertainty about which leg length to buy. You may wish to adjust the actual leg you buy depending on personal preferences but it provides you with an accurate base to start with. There are two ways to do this:

(1) Using a pair of perfectly fitting trousers

Take your trousers and lie them flat. Fold one leg over the other so you can only see one leg. With a warm iron or your hands smooth out any creases and make sure the legs are perfectly lined up. Using your measuring tape place one end at the bottom of the crotch and roll out the tape until it reaches the bottom of the inside of the leg. This measurement in inches is the leg inseam length.

(2) Measuring with the help of a friend

Removing all the clothes you can or wearing a pair of tight fitting trousers stand up with a straight back against a wall. Slide a clipboard or thin book up between your legs as high as it can go (just under the pubic bone) making sure it is flat against the wall. Your friend should then measure from the top of the clipboard or book down to wear the bottom of your foot is touching the floor. This measurement in inches is the leg inseam.

So using the accurate measurement for the length of inseam you can now choose the length of jeans you need with certainty.

So now you are armed with all information you need and if you do need short leg maternity jeans then you are in the perfect place. You can browse our collection of short leg maternity jeans right here.

The Mama Jeanius Team: Design for life