Maternity Jeans


Maternity jeans are a staple for any mum to be’s wardrobe. Offering the chance to look and feel your best and wear most things with them.  Quality maternity jeans will always be an essential part of the wardrobe. 

Jeans themselves have come a long way from their origins, invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. However, it is testament to their popularity in terms of fashion, durability and comfort that they have stayed the test of time. Indeed jeans have their own trends and people like particular leg cuts/ colours to suit them, rarely changing over their life.  The worldwide market is worth billions and hence maternity jeans should be on every mum to be’s shopping list.  As we say, just because you are pregnant you don’t have to stop wearing your favourite style of jean.

How did Mama Jeanius come about?

katie 2

Mama Jeanius was the brainchild of its founder and CEO Katie Powell.  When pregnant with her first child (Molly) she bought many pairs of maternity jeans and found on the whole they did not do their job properly. The cheaper ones kept on falling down, did not wash and wear correctly.  The better ones were very expensive (and even some of these did not work). It appeared to her that no thought had gone into their design.  Seeing a gap in the market Katie got together with a top London denim fashion designer and designed 3 styles to suit all body shapes.

Why are our jeans different?

As a maternity jean specialist we have meticulously designed them to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy as your body grows. Just as importantly they look great and make your bum/ thighs and legs look amazing even when 9 months pregnant and counting. They give you that designer feel throughout your pregnancy.

As Katie says “Our  two  priorities  in  designing  the  jeans  were  ensuring  the  jeans  would  successfully  adapt  throughout  the four  phases  of  pregnancy,  whilst  maintaining  the  quality  and  fit  customers  expect  from  designer  denim.”

– We only use high quality European, stretchable, soft denim and beautiful finishes

– All our fits are supremely comfortable &  flattering, slimming your thighs & lifting your bottom

– Mama Jeanius focus on fashion, fabric and fit

–  The 3 styles all offer the ability to fit your expanding belly comfortably. The internal mechanism in Mama Joy for example expands by 15cm each side – big enough for the triplets of this world

– All of the Mama Jeanius maternity jeans can be worn from first finding out you are pregnant to 40 weeks and after the little one arrives

– Our jeans are available in petite (29″), regular (31″) & long (33″) length

– Manufactured by a highly regarded UK company


Award winning jeans

maternity product silver


In our first year of trading, Mama Jeanius won silver in the Lover by Parents: Best maternity product category.

In 2012/13 the collection was shortlisted in the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy: Best maternity brand.


StockistsBump to Babes

Mama Jeanius currently stock in a number of boutiques in the UK and internationally.

We are delighted to very recently add the largest Maternity and Baby store in Hong Kong (Bump to Babes) to our list of stockists.


The British Collection

We have 3 styles of maternity jean to suit all mum’s to be:

Mama Joy

Mama Joy, Skinny, Dark denim

These maternity jeans feature our unique adjustable waistband mechanism which can be adapted by 15cm on either side giving you the growth you will need in the second and third trimesters. Soft buttons and an easy to use mechanism coupled with the fact that you can let the jeans out one notch at a time means that these are in our opinion the best under the bump jean in the market.

Mama Life

LIfe Classic Mid Denim

Our own unique design incorporating a stretchable denim band with a soft cotton inlay. The band being the same denim colour as the jean is the only truly seamless banded maternity jean in the market. The band is super stretchy and can be folded down in the early months if required. These really are the best designer jeans in the market.

Mama Love

Kirsty-McCabe-1794913Our Over the bump super soft breathable cotton band is one of the longest in the market to cover those super big bumps. The band is tapered so that it remains up and hugs the bump and a small belt can be worn if necessary. It can be folded down if desired in the early months. Mama Love have been cut a bit higher on the back to allow lower better back support and a great fit. 


For the British collection we have introduced our Limited Edition: Glitz and Glam black jeans featuring crystal detailing on the back pocket for the fashionistas among you.

In addition after listening to feedback we now offer certain jeans in UK size 6 and 18.


What is the best leg cut for your body shape?


Perfect if you have hips! Bootcuts are great for balancing out larger hips and giving you a great silhouette. If you are very narrow and are not that gifted in the hip department then a bootcut could swamp your body and make you look bottom heavy and a bit out of proportion. Mama Jeanius’ bootcut has a straight leg that flares gently from the calf to the ankle.  With wider hems at the ankle, the bootcuts add a sense of balance.

Straight Leg

The straight leg jean is very versatile. It can be a  more flattering option if you are not blessed with hips as the leg opening is wide enough to go over your shoes but not wide enough to make your body look out of proportion. Even if you have hips you can still rock the straight leg, it’s a very flattering cut. Since skinny jeans are so hot right now, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, then opt for a straight leg jean, it’s half way between. When worn with heels they will still give the illusion of super long legs as well. The Mama Jeanius straight leg skims your contours creating a slimming silhouette, without hugging too tightly – a contemporary  and smart alternative to the skinny jean. The Mama Jeanius straight leg skims your thighs, is slimmer through the knee and narrow at the ankle.


Skinnys are very versatile and could work for any body shape as long as they are worn in the right way.  They work if you are tall or petite, with heels or with flats and are perfect for tucking into boots. As you progress through your pregnancy you may want to wear a longish floaty tunic over your skinny jeans, showing off your legs to their fullest potential! The Mama Jeanius skinny jeans skim your thighs and fit snugly across your calf.  Our skinny jean should sit around your ankle with a small opening.  This chic, stylish jean is the wardrobe staple.


What is the best maternity jean for your figure?

If you are curvy consider opting for Mama Life (denim band jean) or Mama Love the over the bump jean

If you have a boyish figure our Mama Joy maternity jean would look terrific – the low slung under the bump jean with an adjustable internal mechanism

If you are petite or tall our jeans come in three leg lengths to suit, 29, 31 and 33 inch leg


You and your Pregnancy

Here at Mama Jeanius we know how important good advice can be through your pregnancy. For new mums to be it is unchartered territory and the excitement is paired with feelings of trepidation at your changing body and emotions. We have put together a series of blogs around this subject and topics such as “You’re pregnant – but what about YOU?“, “Our top ten tips to keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy“, “What size should I buy my maternity clothes in?“, “OMG the baby’s coming!” and also advice for dad’s to be and a whole lot more.


There are plenty of other reputable sites out there to glean a lot of information around all manner of subjects around the pregancy, birth and beyond. These include Mumsnet, NHS, Boots and even the BBC.


The Mama Jeanius Team: Designer Maternity Jeans, Design for Life