Long leg maternity jeans

Long Leg Maternity Jeans

long leg maternity jeansThe world is a better place for all its variety and here at Mama Jeanius we recognise the fact that no 2 legs are ever the same! We believe we offer the largest collection of maternity jeans in the market with multiple cuts and colours and leg lengths to suit the majority of mums to be. For this reason long leg maternity jeans are a must for those expectant mums blessed with long legs.

In our British collection the long leg maternity jeans are measured at 33 inches (2 inches longer than our regular leg of 31 inches).

When should I need to wear longer leg maternity jeans?

The length you wear your jeans is a matter of taste and depends to a large part on your inside seam leg measurement. If you are unsure about how to measure your inseam then please look at our short leg maternity jeans page where we show you two easy ways to do this.

With boot cut (and straight leg) maternity jeans you may want to wear jeans that have longer leg than your ideal inside leg measurement. The clue is in the name boot cut and it is common knowledge that boot cut jeans make your legs look longer, so wearing them as long as you can manage with boots will make your legs look extra long! It is advisable to wear boots with a fairly low heel height as the boot cut jeans should be showing off your leg not the boots.  The actual length you wear can be your normal inside seam length all the way down to the hem touching the floor to give you the ultimate long leg look.

More reasons to buy longer leg maternity jeans

Turn Upsturn up your maternity jeans

We saw the benefits of shorter leg with skinny jeans in order to keep the jean straight and not scrunched at the bottom or wear the jeans cropped, but the longer leg with all types of jean gives you a whole lot more flexibility. If you like turn ups for example then the longer leg allows you to turn your jeans up however much you want to add that added flair or to show off your news shoes. There are even different ways to roll up your jeans that we will explore in a later blog!

Fold In for adjusting length

On the turn up path you can also turn your jeans in to fit the length you want. This is also good if you need to adjust your jeans slightly if you are wearing a belt, or different style shoes and they can be turned in to provide a skinny look.

Shabby chic – Distressed Hems

Extra long leg Jeans where the hem touches the floor will create the desired distressed look with the hem fraying to the bare threads and the distinctive look. This will happen over time but you can buy jeans that are made in this manner or do it yourself using sand paper to damage the weave and expose the bare threads.

So if you like the sound of the above or just need a long leg for you inseam then you are in the right place to find your long leg maternity jeans.

The Mama Jeanius Team: Design for life