Happy Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you will undoubtedly be bombarded with a mass of information, tips, ideas and views on how other people have done things.

Collaborating with other mama’s in the know, we wanted to list a few key things that really were useful to us in addition to your prefect pair of maternity jeans.

During pregnancy

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• Ginger can be a great way to stem morning sickness – try tea or ginger biscuits. Also cracker biscuits first thing in the morning with sips of water can help fend off the often horrid symptoms. This works best if you have them ready before you even get out of bed!
• Become a health freak! Take folic acid and a special multivitamins designed for pregnancy
• Remain active; walking and swimming are ideal – not only will you feel better for it during pregnancy but it will also help with reducing the amount of weight you put on. It could even help you during labour as exercise can loosen your joints
• Find your nearest pregnancy yoga class! We know it’s not for everyone but it can help with relaxation and breathing techniques. Plus you get to meet other expectant mums in the area, and that support can be a real boost
• Cranial Osteopathy can help support the changes in your body as your baby grows. It can help release your pelvis, preparing your body for birth and help the baby get into a better position ready for birth
• Expand your library – there are some great insightful books out there. Try Your Pregnancy Bible by Dr Anne Deans, Birth Skills by Ju Ju Sundin, Liz Fraser’s brilliant The Yummy Mummy Survival Guide made us laugh out loud
• And remember to indulge yourself occasionally. A lie-in with the newspaper? A pregnancy massage and haircut? Be spontaneous!

What the baby really needs


• Top tip – do the nursery furniture and buggy shop early on. Later on walking and standing for long periods will be tougher
• A good car seat
• Pram or buggy – think about what will be easiest to get in and out of your house
• Moses basket (without the stand is often much safer). Depending on how quickly your baby grows most babies are in their Moses basket for about 6 months
• Cot or Cot bed (A cot bed will last the child a lot longer) – blackout blinds are also a really good idea for the nursery
• Mattress, sheets and blankets, the baby sleeping bags are brilliant and safe
• Bouncy chair and/or baby gym
• Baby bath
• Highchair (but not for at least 6 months)
• Muslin squares – lots of these – you really can’t have too many!
• Bibs
• Changing bag
• Changing mat – it can be much safer to change them on the floor than use a ‘changing station’
• Baby sling
• Baby monitor – a god send, particularly the video ones

What to take to hospital


• Not as much as you think you will need!
• In most cases there is not much room for large bags, so you will need to use a mid-size overnight bag
• Top tips – don’t forget a bottle of water with a sports cap, a TENS machine if you are planning on using one and this may sound strange but taking your favourite music can be a great help. Take some food too, in case the shops are shut by the time you need something. Of course you will need the car seat and the baby’s things too! A favourite baby outfit, newborn nappies, hat & blanket.

After the little one arrives


• Top tip: Don’t have millions of visitors as soon as the baby arrives – space them out!
• Try and do some batch cooking, and freeze it before the little one arrives
• Establishing a routine with your new baby often helps
• And most important of all – trust your own instincts